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Movex is a world-leading manufacturer in the environmental technology sector. Movex are specialists in air extraction, fans and filters for all types of applications and environments. All manufacturing and product development is based on modern technology and design that creates the products of the future for a better working environment.

Market leading product range

Movex has the market's widest range of products for evacuation of airborne harmful gases and particles. The product range includes everything from extraction arms for industrial and laboratory environments to extraction for vehicle exhaust gases, fans, automatic control, filters and workshop equipment.
Movex's future is based on the continued development of high-quality and innovative products. Thanks to a well-composed team of experienced employees in industrial design, engineers, sales and marketing specialists, we can continue the development of our products.
"Movex's future is based on the continued development of high-quality and innovative products."
By combining product development and production strategy, we have the opportunity to be one of the most adaptable companies in the industry. With short lead times and fast deliveries, we can thus enable the best range and additions to the range for evacuation of airborne gases and particles.

High level of service and short delivery times

Quality and speed in terms of service, support and deliveries are something of a specialty. Thanks to rational assembly production, we can often offer short delivery times, even for special needs or adaptations.
At Movex, we have since the start in 1971 worked with high demands on our service. Through the competence and experience of our employees, we ensure that you as a customer always receive the best support in technical matters.
We believe in always being close to our customers and partners for long-term relationships.

We think that fast and correct deliveries are part of good service, at Movex we value short lead times and fast decision paths precisely so that our customers can be flexible in their ordering process. As one of the market's leading players in the evacuation of airborne gases and particles, it is a matter of course for us to take care of our customers' needs in all situations.

Proximity and speed through collaboration and networking

Our close collaboration with ventilation consultants and installers guarantees optimal solutions both in terms of product functionality and service options for our common end customers. A network philosophy that in practice gives us a local presence regardless of the geographical location of our end users.
Through its own staff, ventilation consultants and installers, Movex is represented in all parts of the world.
This is so that our end customers will have the opportunity for the service and flexibility that we think the market deserves. Through our network, we always have a direct connection to our customers' challenges, this gives us an opportunity for continuous improvement and development through transparency and impressions from all types of environments. Our team of experienced specialists is constantly working on product and delivery improvements throughout the food chain, from production and development in our hometown Skellefteå to installation in Beijing, Tirana, Colorado, Mexico City or any of the other fantastic destinations for our equipment.

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