Telescopic local extractor for confined workplaces


  • A compact extractor for welding booths and workbenches
  • Gas spring balances the weight of the arm
  • Flexible suction nozzle rotates through 360˚ and can be positioned at a 90˚ angle

TEX is designed based on Movex’s basic principles:

  • External arm supports
    • Natural and direct airflow means minimal pressure drop
    • Low risk of blockage
  • Supplied pre-assembled for ease of installation




  • Steel components powder coated dark blue and black
  • Dark blue PVC hose


  • Steel components powder coated white
  • White PVC hose


  • Tubes in stainless steel
  • Suction nozzle and hood in stainless steel
  • Brackets manufactured from white powder-coated steel
  • White PE hose