Extraction arm for workplaces requiring a high level of flexibility

The market’s broadest range of laboratory extractors is characterised by the following:

  • Easy to positioning to the pollution source
  • Positional stability
  • Supplied assembled for ease of installation

The standard version is suitable for extracting most types of airborne pollutants in:

  • Laboratories
  • Schools, universities
  • Hospitals
  • The pharmaceutical industry
  • Hairdressing salons
  • The electronics industry
  • Terfu’s joints contain ball bearings and have a large frictional diameter
  • Support springs balance out the weight of the arm
  • 360˚ rotation
  • Tight-sealing damper as standard




  • For use in most laboratory environments
  • Joints made from PP and tubes from aluminium


  • For environments containing high concentrations of corrosive pollutants
  • Internal epoxy coating is recommended for ceiling installations
  • Joints and tubes made from PP

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