Telescopic extractor arm for confined work areas

A compact and flexible telescopic extractor arm with low pressure drop. The extractor arm has a diameter of 5 inches and its length can be extended from 3 feet to 7 feet. A gas spring balances the weight of the arm, and PTEX is equipped with an adjustment knob at the upper friction joint, which makes adjustment very easy.

External support arms produce low pressure drop and little risk of blockage. The smooth interior of the suction tube makes PTEX very easy to clean.

A suction nozzle with quick-coupling system

The suction nozzle with manual damper are made entirely of sheet steel with Fumex’s simple quick-coupling system for accessories. It can be rotated 360° and angled 90°. In addition, the wall bracket has a 360° swivel function.

PTEX advantages:

  • Compact and flexible
  • Telescopic from 3 feet to 7 feet
  • Adjustment knob at the upper friction joint
  • Suction nozzle with manual damper and quick-coupling system for accessories
  • Cast aluminium attachment with a 360° swivel function
  • Low pressure drop and little risk of blockage
  • Easy to clean

The extractor arm is supplied with flame-resistant PVC hose as standard, and, depending on the nature of the work, there is a range of different hoses available.

MOVEX PTEX is easy to install and comes with accessories for ceiling or floor mounting.


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