Laboratories are places of exploration and innovation. A place where history can be written, i.e. when a medical breakthrough succeeds or urgently required medicine – as currently vaccine is developed. To do so, scientists must have optimal conditions: the right equipment available and a safe work environment free from harmful airborne gases and particles.

The South German company Waldner is a world-leading producer of individual laboratory room solutions. The laboratories from Waldner offer scientists a work environment, which makes creative and transparent research possible. With his flexible solutions, Waldner can respond to a wide range of customer needs in research facilities at universities and in the pharmaceutical industry.

When working with experiments at the laboratory workplace, it is quite frequent to generate smaller quantities of bad smells, fumes, or lightly hazardous pollutions. These unpleasant pollutions must be evacuated directly at the source before they can spread throughout the laboratory.

Since more than ten years straight, Movex is Waldner’s main supplier of extraction arms to their service spines and laboratory benches. Operators use the products to capture and extract fumes efficiently directly where they occur. That guarantees a good and healthy work environment.

– Many of our customers work daily with chemicals and gases. For them, safety is a top priority. Movex products have a proven track record with low-pressure drops and energy savings. Movex’s customer-driven approach makes it easy for us to apply their products in our offering. Both companies have very high quality standards, says Bernd Schoeler, product manager at Waldner and their expert for ventilation matters.

For an easy installation of Movex’s extraction arms, a special bracket was developed to facilitate assembly directly to the Waldner service spine (instead of on the building’s walls or roof). It gives the user more freedom with quick changes and retrofitting.

– Waldner and Movex believe that innovation and openness are crucial to creating the best customer value. Movex’s flexible products allow our clients to solve location-specific challenges. Our service modules are designed in a way, that they can be flexibly adapted to new demands. Movex is a reliable and flexible partner understands the user-friendliness and support it with his products. That is why we work so well together, Schoeler concludes.

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Our hometown Skellefteå is growing at a fast pace. In 2016, the municipality began planning the construction of a new school – The Flora School. Construction started two years later, in 2018, and the school was inaugurated in the autumn of 2020. It was, no doubt, an exciting project to be a part of.

Together with the installation company Umia, Movex delivered a modern extraction solution to the school’s laboratories. It guarantees clean air, a safe lab environment and goes hand in hand with a school of the future.

– We only have good experiences from Movex, so we know what to expect every time. Their personnel have a lot of knowledge and are easy to work with. Everything is working great and I look forward to collaborating with them again in the future, says Fredrik Wiklund, Project Manager at Umia.

The school is built to accommodate 1000 students from preschool to grade nine. It is the first school to be built in Skellefteå since 1989 and the idea is that the future-proof shall evolve together with society for years to come.

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In 2018 the construction of Uppsala Science Park began, which would be the Swedish Food Agency’s new headquarters. Together with the installation company Ventilator Lab, Fumex was set to deliver extraction arms for different kinds of laboratory environments and demands.

Our joint project started in April 2020 when the interior was to be completed. We provided the 2735 square meter laboratory with more than 50 extraction arms of various models to ensure a safe and high-quality working environment.

– I have worked continuously with Fumex for the past 20 years. They have always delivered on time and have just as high quality standards as we do. The Swedish Food Agency will have a great solution for the years to come, says Yeliz Akdag, project manager at Ventilator.

The installations in the laboratories were completed in September 2020. The Swedish Food Agency will move into their new premises during the month of December.

– Every project faces the same challenges – keeping up to schedule and ensuring quality. Working with Fumex, every unexpected event is solved fast and with care. I’m sure that we are going to continue doing business over the years to come, says Yeliz.

– We are happy to be a part of this project. The Swedish Food Agency works with a lot of different products in their lab environments and together with Ventilator, we have come up with a solution that meets their demands, finishes Lars Johansson, head of sales at Fumex.

When the Covid-19 outbreak started, laboratories and scientists worldwide were faced with many different challenges. At first, they had to develop and test the vaccine. Secondly, produce it on such a scale that it could fill the massive need.

In 2020, one of our North American HVAC representatives teamed up with some of the world’s most innovative biopharmaceutical companies. Together, they have developed Aseptic Filling Workcells. It is the first standardized, closed robotic filling machine, allowing customers to build and validate their filling capacity faster.

When the HVAC representative had to choose an extraction arm to meet the FDA washdown and sterile requirements in the customer environment, the choice was easy to make. With the PSS arm from Movex, Fumex’s North American subsidiary, the customer got a high-end solution that lives up to the demanding sanitary requirements.

When the end-customer can combine the Aseptic Filling Workcells with the PSS extraction arm, their work is more agile, efficient, and safe. Now, they can pivot between filling different drug products into vials, syringes, and cartridges according to market demand. Yet, at the same time perform their work in a clean and sterile work environment – efficiency at its best.

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