Karolinska Institutet, KI, is one of the world’s leading medical universities. By conducting research and education, KI contributes – in a decisive way – to improving human health. In Sweden, the institute accounts for the single largest share of medical-academic research, and has the largest range of medical educations.

When KI wanted to gather a large part of its experimental and advanced research environment under one roof in the Biomedicum research facility, there was a need for flexible laboratory fittings that could be easily refurnished according to the design of the projects. Such a research environment also placed high demands on the adaptability of ventilation.

Responsible fitter Kurt-Henrik Rönnblom says:
– KI gave us the assignment to present a proposal for laboratory furnishings with plug’n play and refurnishability as keywords, which we took note of.

The solution was wall brackets on specially adapted panels with stepless rails. This makes the wall plate adjustable laterally, which means easy and smooth movement of the extractor to the desired position. The walls were supplemented with MiniTex, a compact point extraction with high air velocity in the suction orifice and an efficient capture of the pollution.

Kurt-Henrik Rönnblom continues:
– By using the Fumex compact MiniTex, we were also able to ensure that the pressure drop did not exceed 100 Pa.

The solution resulted in a flexible and efficient ventilation system that ensures both the function and quality of Biomedicum’s research environment, and provides continued opportunities for world-class research.

As IKEA’s first test laboratory outside Sweden, IKEA Test and Training Center (ITTC) strives to offer product tests, technical training and technical support of the highest quality. Here in Shanghai, top expertise is gathered in a number of different areas, and the test lab has a test capacity that is necessary to achieve the high demands the company has on its products regarding quality, health and safety.

Since 2010, ITTC has conducted tests on IKEA’s furniture, toys, textiles, leather, packaging materials and chemical products. The new test lab covers a full 15,000 square meters spread over four floors and conducts over 200,000 tests per year. To be able to handle so many tests requires good and efficient air quality. Fumex has played an important role in this.

Per Lundmark, General Manager at ITTC says:
– When we built our lab, we wanted to create an uninterrupted and problem-free work environment, which placed high demands on the supplier. Our previous good experiences with Fumex products and the knowledge that they can live up to our high requirements decided the choice of supplier.

And of course it was. At Ikea’s first test facility in China, Fumex point extraction TERFU has been used for many years. For the new test lab, our latest model of point extraction for the lab environment was delivered – the appreciated Fumex ME which has a new design, lower noise level and not least a lower energy consumption.

– ITTC in Shanghai is a fine example of how we have both the resources and products required to create high-quality solutions, regardless of the size of the project or its geographical location, concludes Stefan Johansson, Export Sales Manager at Fumex.