The German company VOORTMANN specializes in servicing business-critical industry functions such as control, compressed air, and loading systems. In their facilities in Issum, six miles outside Düsseldorf, VOORTMANN performs orbital welding to produce high-quality pipes and loading-arms for their customers. In 2020, the company invested in a new extraction system from Movex for their welding facility, which goes significantly beyond standard solutions otherwise installed.

Demand-controlled cleaning of the filter cartridges, with power pulse valves and aerodynamically designed deflectors, considerably increases the filter medium’s service life. The filter can be cleaned while operating or using cleaning cycles when it is not running. With air recirculation in winter, the filtered air is fed back into the production hall, which significantly saves heating costs.

The fume extracting system has a very low pressure drop and can be controlled on a needs-base to extract fumes from the booths in production, to decrease power consumption and the environmental footprint.

Movex’s installation of extraction systems is just one of the many activities the German company has done. All employees are trained in sustainable action and sensitized to the topic of energy saving. The overall sustainable concept of VOORTMANN has reduced the energy demand at the Issum site by 40%. It is a new way of doing business, and taking social responsibility will be even more critical over the years to come.

We are very proud to be a part of their journey!