Vehicle exhaust

Movex offers a complete program in exhaust extraction for vehicle workshops for stationary and moving vehicles. Hose reels and exhaust rails for different types of needs which in combination with our fans and programs for automatic control can create complete systems. 

Simple or more comprehensive solutions for both the small and large vehicle workshop. The products are characterized by flexible, innovative and often unique design solutions that provide benefits for installation, use and service.
We offer benefits for everyone.

A good working environment in a vehicle workshop creates profits for everyone - the employee, the employer, the customer and society.

Movex offers products that ensure a good working environment in vehicle workshops, car inspection facilities and stations for emergency vehicles.

The products are characterized by modern design and high finish, efficiency and energy efficiency. Regardless of product type, all rails are always in aluminum and all hoses are drivable, which provides a considerable higher operational reliability.

Take advantage of our offer for vehicle environment. 

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