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Increasing the knowledge of environmental and social sustainability

Being a sustainable company is a continuous work in progress, as there are many aspects to it and areas where improvements can always be made. At Movex and our parent company Fumex, we have always taken pride in our contribution to pushing industry forward. Whether it means technical development, working towards a more sustainable business or being a social enabler in the region.

The financial manager at Fumex in Skellefteå, Sweden, Evelina Degerman, recently finished an internal project to increase our knowledge and consciousness of how to systematically work with sustainability in a broader sense. The project, which was carried out in collaboration with IUC (Industrial Development Center), analyzed and reviewed Fumex’s business model and strategy from a sustainability perspective. It focused on environmental sustainability, human rights, customers, business ethics, work environment, and local community development.

– Many people only refer to the environmental aspects when talking about sustainability, even though there is so much more to it. For instance, sustainability can also be about creating a healthy life situation where employees can balance work and their spare time, says Evelina.

Evelina empathizes that actively focus on creating a sustainable work environment is important when creating a successful business. And with Fumex’s new office space being built in Skellefteå, there will be room for more team activities and personal time.

– We always look to improve our employer offering, from contractual benefits to how the facilities can be formed. For instance, the new office will have a gym and a relax, and social areas where the production team and our office people can meet.

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Evelina’s project group included representatives from different parts of Fumex, such as production, management, research and development, and sales, to get as many perspectives as possible. Everybody agreed that Fumex plays an important role in Skellefteå and the surrounding regions. For example, the company prioritizes local suppliers and subcontractors.

– Of course, we want to be a part of developing our local community by growing our own business and creating more job opportunities in the area. We are also, when given the opportunity, collaborating with nearby universities and colleges for specific research and student projects.

The next step will be applying key findings and new knowledge to the everyday workflow. From our thought processes, to complementing strategical goals, and updating documents and frameworks to fit a even more sustainable approach. All to help create a broader base for what it is to be a part of, or to do business with, Fumex.

– We are happy to see that sustainability is a global priority for customers, subcontractors, and authorities. We strive to be at the forefront of every aspect regarding our area of business. In order to do so, we must evolve and continuously become better, and this is one of many steps towards that, Evelina finishes.