Dust filter for large airflows

CFE is suitable for filtration of dry particles, dust and welding smoke for mechanical industry.

The filter is manufactured with 2, 4, 6 and 8 horizontally placed filter cartridges for airflows from 600 cfm to 5500 cfm. For larger airflows more filters can be placed parallel and/or serial in the same system.

Continuous self-cleaning of the filter cartridges with efficient power pulse valves and aerodynamically designed deflectors significantly increases the life span of the filter media. The filter can be cleaned during operation and/or through cleaning cycles when the plant is not in operation.

All components for controlling the cleansing are placed internally on the clean air side, well protected from any outside impact.

When changing the filter there is a system allowing filter replacement without contact with the dirty filter.

CFE overall;

  • Models with 2, 4, 6, and 8 horizontal cartridges
  • Airflows from 600 cfm to 5500 cfm
  • Can be placed parallel and/or serial in the same system
  • Self-cleaning with power pulse valves
  • Aerodynamically designed deflectors
  • Significantly increased life span of the filter media

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