Functional hose rail for workplaces with moving vehicles

  • Ideal for vehicle repair and inspection stations
  • Stable design consisting of a load-bearing aluminium profile with an integrated guide rail
  • Simple installation of trolleys and brackets
  • A 2% off set on the rail provides automatic return to the entrance
  • Available with a 90° curve

Systems are usually designed for moving vehicles, with a slightly higher airflow than the stated exhaust gas volume and in order to cope with a slightly higher load than stated in the minimum requirements.





  • Profile rail made from aluminium
  • Ceiling hose made from EPDM for horizontal installation
  • Vertical hose made from compressible EPDM rubberised fabric
  • Manual or automatic nozzle disconnection
  • Also available in a variant with a 90° bend, radius 2 m
  • Can be connected to a separate fan or central extraction system

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