Controls – Extraction arms

Control units for improved working environments and lower energy consumption

Control units comprise specially adapted and tested components. A well designed system provides important benefits for the user:

  • Automatic systems provide energy savings
  • Lowest possible noise level
  • The control voltage is 24V

To help find the right system, a number of ready solutions are available, including:

  • Fan start and stop, with/without speed control
  • Fan start and stop, with switch
  • Individual damper control, plus fan start and stop via switch
  • Individual damper control, plus demand-based fan control via a pressure sensor and frequency converter

Control can be manual or automatic, with or without time delay.


Control Components

Frequency converter, SFC

  • Stageless speed control of fan
  • Fumex can offer preprogrammed frequency converters for easy installation


Protective motor switch, SMB

  • 3-pin with thermal magnetic release
  • For actuation and protection of fan motor


Potentiometer, SFC POT

  • Manual, stepless control of fan speed via frequency converter


Rotary switch, SFC VSS

  • 2-speed control of fan speed via frequency converter


Switch, SFC SB

  • Start/stop fan via frequency converter


Pressure sensor, ST 300

  • Holds constant negative pressure in the exhaust duct
  • Always provide the right flow regardless of the number of open and closed dampers


Control unit, S 200

  • Automatic steering of the damper motor and / or fan
  • Adjustable timer cards for later than 30 s as accessories


Control unit, S 400

  • Automatic steering of the damper motor
  • Built-in lead time for evacuation of quenching gases; 0 – 15 min


Transformer unit, S 600

  • Used for feeding 24 VAC to S 400
  • Fan control via external contactor


Switch, SKO

  • 3-pin with manual override relay


Automatic damper, SAS

  • Rotary damper for applications requiring short walking time
  • The damper blade opens in 7.5 s which means 95% suction capacity after 3 s
  • Density Class 1 by default



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