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Teamwork and fast deliveries ensured customer satisfaction

Many of our projects proceed with careful planning well in advance of delivery and installation. But in some cases, time is of the essence, just like this one.

Movex, the American subsidiary of Fumex, is based in Northampton, Pennsylvania. In late October, Movex was contacted by a contractor working for a global company operating within the fields of health care and agriculture, which also resides in the state of Pennsylvania. The contractor urgently needed twelve new extractor arms to replace the company’s old ones, as our competitor’s solution had worn out over time.

The requirements presented were that the solution needed to be sustainable, durable, easy to operate, and clean – four attributes that apply to the PSS extractor arm. But most importantly, the extractor arms had to be delivered quickly.

To deliver the product on such a tight schedule, Movex worked closely with their colleagues in Skellefteå, Sweden. It is where the product is developed and assembled, almost 4000 miles from Northampton.

Thanks to excellent teamwork between the two offices, Movex delivered the PSS arms to the Pennsylvian contractor only four weeks after the order – usually taking six to eight weeks.

– Our teamwork got the job done, and together we found a way to meet and exceed customer expectations. We are, as well as the contractor and the end-user, very happy with the result. Now, the end-user has a solid, high-quality solution in stainless steel, says Danny Ehrich, Account Executive at Movex.

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