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IKEA is one of the world’s most renowned companies. The Swedish furniture manufacturer is known for modern yet simple designs, and an eco-friendly, sustainable approach. IKEA chose Fumex as their supplier of local extractions at the new ITTC.

The requirement: 200,000 tests per year

IKEA’s first testing laboratory outside Sweden is the IKEA Test and Training Centre (ITTC). Since 2010, the Shanghai-based lab has conducted tests on IKEA products from furniture to packaging materials and chemicals.

The new test laboratory is 15,000 square metres spread over four floors and conducts over 200,000 tests per year. In order to be able to handle that many tests, good and effective air quality is required.

Per Lundmark, General Manager at ITTC:
“When we built our lab, we wanted to create a work environment that was free from interruptions and problems, and this placed high demands on the supplier. Our previous good experience with Fumex’ products and knowing that they are able to live up to our high demands determined the choice of supplier” 

The result: High quality and low CO2 emissions

Ikea’s first testing facility in China has been using Fumex’s extraction arm TERFU for many years. We supplied the new testing laboratory with our latest extraction arm model for laboratory environments – the well-regarded Fumex ME, which has a new design, a lower noise level and, not least, a lower energy consumption.

Stefan Johansson, Export Sales Manager at Fumex:
“ITTC in Shanghai is a fine example that shows we have both the resources and the products required to create high quality solutions, regardless of project size or the project’s geographical location” 

Today, IKEA’s testing laboratory has the testing capacity required to achieve the high standards the company sets for its products regarding quality, health and safety.


Thank you for the trust! 

The Fumex Team

Industry: Laboratory environmentClient: IKEA

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