Flexible solution was the best medicine

Karolinska Institutet, KI, is one of the world’s leading medical universities. By conducting research and training, KI plays a pivotal role in improving peoples’ health. In Sweden, the institute is responsible for the single largest proportion of medical academic research and it offers the largest range of medical training courses.

When KI was looking to gather a large part of their experimental and advanced research environment under one roof in the research facility Biomedicum, they needed a flexible laboratory interior that could easily be rearranged according to requirements of the project. Such a research environment also placed high demands on the adaptability of the ventilation.

The responsible installation engineer, Kurt-Henrik Rönnblom, said:
– “KI commissioned us to put forward a proposal for laboratory interiors focusing on plug ’n’ play and adaptability, and we used this to guide us.”

The solution was to have wall brackets on specially adapted panels with stepless rails. That made it possible to adjust the wall plate sideways, making it simple and straightforward to move the extractors to the desired position. Fumex’ MiniTEX, a compact, telescopic extraction arm with high air velocity in the suction nozzle and effective capture of pollutants, was used as an extractor in the system.

Kurt-Henrik Rönnblom continued:
– “By using Fumex’ compact MiniTEX, we were also able to ensure that the pressure drop did not exceed 100 Pa.”

This solution resulted in a flexible and efficient ventilation system that both safeguarded the function and quality of Biomedicum’s research environment and facilitated continuous world-class research.

Industry: Laboratory environmentClient: Karolinska Institutet

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